In recent years, massage chairs are no stranger to Vietnamese consumers. Even, massage chairs are gradually becoming one of the indispensable furniture in the living space of modern citizens.

Tired and busy life, you hardly have enough time to go to relaxing spa. Body massage chair used at home is the solution to your impasse.


Massage chairs are a type of home health care equipment. It is a chair designed to integrate massage features between the roller and airbag massage, giving users a sense of relaxation, wellness, pain relief and enhanced air circulation. blood, help improve the quality of life.

Those are the basic features of a massage chair. Recently, massage chairs have been upgraded to many new versions with more modern features such as increasing the operating range of rollers and airbags, soles massage rollers, 4D roller technology, and more. technology for automatically detecting acupuncture points, gravity-free posture massage, ..


Massage chair consists of 2 main parts: the chair part and the massage technology part.

The main seat is what the user is exposed to. Massage chairs depending on the model that has many own designs. From simple models that only include the back of the seat and the bottom of the chair, to the high-end models, there are additional armrests, chair legs, or the reclining features of the chair.

The massage technology is internal techniques that we do not see, but we feel them during use. It is described as the massage feature of a chair. From the basic features such as the punching, squeezing, day, stroking, etc. of the roller and airbag massage, to the upgraded features such as full body stretching massage, massage gravity-free posture, "mother holding baby" massage, 4D roller technology, acupuncture point detection technology,.


Using a massage chair every day brings many benefits:


Most customers buy massage chairs with the aim of relieving aches and pains in many parts of the body.

Today, improved models of massage chairs have been designed to take care of the smallest areas of the user. No longer just massage, punching in the head, neck, back, ... Massage chair now extends the working area of ​​both rollers and air bags hugging the body. At the same time, the legs and arms are also concerned with features such as roller soles massage, hand warmers, etc. Massage chairs are capable of relieving fatigue for every position on your body.

Just start the chair, choose any automatic full body massage, your whole body will be carefully cared for and relieve body aches with just 15 minutes of use every day.

In case you need special care to a specific body area, choose to choose a massage mode, and choose the position, massage movements with intensity, suitable speed and enjoy relaxing moments with a full body massage chair at home.


Some models of advanced and modern full body massage chairs such as Okasa Pro S1 full body massage chair, in addition to reducing the common aches and pains, also improve the bone structure.

With a 3D roller system with an infrared sensor that allows accurate positioning of the points to help the massage process become accurate, the massage extends the whole body to help restore the S-curve of the spine naturally. friend. In addition, stretching the body also helps stimulate the abdominal muscles to work harder to help you have a toned round.


Blood vessels in the human body serve as a closed transport network that acts as a bloodstream, supplying oxygen and nutrients to the organs of the body and expelling toxic substances to the outside.

People with good blood circulation will have a healthy body, but people with poor blood circulation will be very dangerous, especially dangerous to the brain.

In addition to walking, exercising or doing yoga daily, using a massage chair every day is also a very useful therapy to increase blood circulation.


The ideal sleep time for a day is from 6 to 8 hours. However, for many reasons our sleep quality is not guaranteed. Signs of a bad sleep: sleeplessness, naps, sleeplessness, etc.Use massage chairs to increase blood circulation to the brain, improve sleep quality quickly your sleeping.

Some models of high-end massage chairs like FUJIIRYOKI Body Massage Chair JP-870 also provide specialized massage articles on sleeping aids.


The concept that massage chairs are only for the elderly or the sick has become obsolete. Ivory

Full-body masage chair is an extremely effective healthcare device. However, to ensure safety and help the chair maximize the efficiency of use, users need to learn carefully and choose the right object to use. So, who should use a full body massage chair? Please refer to the following article to have a true view of the product!

Massage chairs are suitable for many subjects: from hard workers, office workers sitting for a long time, athletes practicing sports, students, students studying stress tests to the elderly aging and osteoarthritis diseases.

For customers such as businessmen / directors who often face pressure and stress at work or busy people who do not have time to exercise, people with polio degeneration ... use massage chairs The whole body is extremely fit. Every day you only need to spend 15 - 30 minutes a day to help blood circulation and blood circulation easily improve back pain, back neck and symptoms of numb limbs.

Especially for patients with this accident is a miraculous therapy, bringing positive effects in the treatment. After a long time of inactivity, the whole body feels moist and numb. At this time, the shaking motion of the chair will help dispel any discomfort, bringing new energy. The ligaments no longer press down on nerve roots or the spine, effectively reducing pain.

Massage chairs with many great uses have become a useful gift of children for parents as a token of gratitude for birth. The wife considered this as a strategy to afternoon her husband, relieve stress, improve health, contribute to creating a comfortable and happy atmosphere in the family. Employees are buying a boss just formal, just more meaningful.

To buy quality massage chair products, it is advisable to go to reputable massage chairs from genuine dealers. For a thorough advice on the best massage chair and support for buying the product, you can contact the Okasa massage chair shop, we are always ready to support and answer all your questions!

Many people often ask that using a massage chair is good for regular health or not? Should pregnant women use a full body massage chair? So, the following article will answer these questions for you.

Body massage chair is a modern health care device, convenient and widely trusted. Increasing technology and full body massage chairs bring a lot of benefits and are suitable for many objects, from office workers to the elderly.

Sitting chairs body massage good for all ages

After a tirng day at work, you can enjoy a relaxing and comfortable feeling on the body massage chair. Not only is this chair a companion with you to treat week-related diseases, blood circulation and osteoarthritis diseases.

Getting a full body massage chair is one of the very good methods for health

Every day you just spend a period of 15 - 30 minutes using a full body massage chair to see the surprising effect from this chair. Your spirit and mood will improve significantly and visibly.

Should pregnant women use a full body massage chair?

Pregnancy is a very wonderful function of women, everyone wants the health of mothers and babies to be good and stable. During pregnancy, women often change both physiologically and often suffer from painful races. Especially in the last months of pregnancy, this phenomenon is higher, the limbs are swollen and cramps.

Each person often chooses different solutions. One participates in yoga classes specifically for pregnant women, others use acupuncture therapy ... Nowadays, many people choose to use the body massage chair. But using a regular massage chair is good or not is also a problem many people wonder and especially elected.

If you know how to choose the right chair for pregnant women, this is a method to help improve the pain situation, and help pregnant women become easier. This product should be included during pregnancy and childbirth, very good for pregnant women.

Everyone has a different body, so before buying a full body massage chair, you should consult a doctor and choose a quality, safe and most suitable chair. Tokuyo full body massage chair from Japan, namely the Tokuyo TC-677 Full Body massage chair is very good for pregnant women.

Pregnant women should also note that you should not overdo the use of a full body massage chair, you should only practice for 15-20 minutes a day.

Massage chairs are like a general practitioner for every family

Is regular body massage chair good for health?

So the question that many people ask is that sitting on a regular body massage chair is good for health or not?

- Massage chairs bring good results on relaxation, support the treatment of diseases of the limbs and joints, prevent the accumulation of blood, support the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

- According to many studies, the massage is a very good method for keeping water on the extremities, so the full body massage chair is good for those suffering from kidney problems, blood pressure or diabetes.

- People who have to sit for a long time should buy yourself a full body massage chair to improve blood circulation better and have a deeper and better sleep.

Get rid of all the way to massage by hand because just sitting in a full body massage chair you can refresh yourself

Too many uses for a full body massage chair, there is no reason not to own a full body massage chair for your family right? Contact us now for advice and choose the most suitable product for your beloved family.

Shiatsu Massage method has existed for a long time in the land of sunrise. This is a massage technique that converges the essence of traditional Japanese massage to bring many health benefits to users. These days, almost all Okasa massage chairs come with shiatsu massage, so what's Shiatsu? Shiatsu in Japanese (Shi) means using the fingers (atsu) to press and hold. This is like a simple massage technique, based on the pressure that affects specific points or areas of the body to enhance human physicality and support healing. Let's Okasa learn this massage method through the article below!

What is Shiatsu massage?

In the middle of the 20th century, the Japanese Ministry of Health officially recognized Shiatsu as a technique of using the palms and fingers, especially the thumb to create pressure on the skin, acupuncture points (" shi ”means finger,“ atsu ”means pressing, pressing). Shiatsu means "using fingers to press" to bring balance to the body, improve health and keep in shape. Thereby, the Japanese government has recognized Shiatsu Massage as a professional manual therapy that is well trained in university halls, typically the Japanese Shiatsu School.

With professional Shiatsu reflexology technique, the skillful combination of hands and fingers will unleash the power to stimulate the energy sources inside our bodies, like the gas we acupuncture with needles, people Just press on the intersection between the airflow, the transparent lines on the body are in close contact with the various organs.

Today, Shiatsu massage method is applied in most of Okasa's modern massage chair series, the maturing impact of co-operative roller of human fingertip on all acupuncture points revives. natural source of energy in the body, thereby stimulating the metabolism, helping the skin to be youthful, blood circulation is thereby giving the skin a smooth and healthy skin

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage method

Shiatsu Massage brings together physical and mental strength to re-circulate the blood circulation of the body with the fingers, bringing many positive benefits to human health from physical to mental. Acupressure will help relax muscles, ease the accumulated stress. This special method is suitable for people who often have headaches, back pain ..., help reduce stress, stress, improve insomnia. The following are the benefits of Shiatsu massage method integrated on Okasa massage chairs:

Quickly relieve aches and pains:

In the massage chair series, the roller system usually combines massage methods such as kneading, tapping, punching, pressing, tightening, shiatsu ... these massage methods are rotated continuously in Auto exercises that have been programmable. In addition, the rollers on the massage chair can accurately impact the acupuncture points by body scanning technology - whereby Shiatsu massage method can maximize the effect and correct impact on the acupuncture points. acupuncture points, pain points help increase blood circulation throughout the body, the musculoskeletal system is relaxed, thereby dispelling aches and pains. This technology, when combined with a high-end roller system, is like being directly manipulated by professional massagge experts, bringing instant pleasure to users.

Promote blood circulation improves insomnia:

In addition to providing energy for the body massage method from Japan also helps to improve them insomnia common in the elderly. In many modern massage chairs today, it also allows users to customize the roller to the acupuncture point or their desired position. Shiatsu massage method under the intelligent action of the roller system to improve blood circulation in capillaries under the skin and soft tissues quickly, helping to promote the healing process. Especially, this method helps to relieve the aches and pains that accumulate leading cause of insomnia syndrome. The direct and profound effects on the muscles and joints help to relax quickly, repel pathologies related to blood circulation, return you a better and deeper sleep.

Improving cell nutrition and promoting the function of the digestive system:

Many studies show that Shiatsu massage can promote digestive function, allowing food to digest more easily. Shiatsu strongly supports metabolism, thereby improving cell nutrition throughout the body, eliminating scum and making the body feel refreshed, the skin is also shiny and healthier.

Support reducing symptoms of arthritis:

Shiatsu massage method helps very well in reducing the pain caused by arthritis. Pressing on painful areas will reduce inflammation of the tissues and lining of joints so that the muscles recover quickly to their original state.

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